Monday, 31 March 2008

New Opener

It has been suggested to me that I change the opening sentence on my website and my profile here from “Cartoonist, illustrator and pornographer to the Queen since 1857”. This isn’t in case someone believes that I supply the Queen with her pornography, but because people might conclude that I am preoccupied with it. I think I made a pretty good argument for not changing it but, after giving it some thought and remembering that, really, the opener was meant as an aside and nothing more, I have decided to change it after all. I am now, “Cartoonist, illustrator and Panic Coordinator to breakfast television since 1992.”

Wednesday, 26 March 2008 News Blog

Even long term visitors to might be surprised to learn that I refer to the column on the home page as the "News Section". Well, I do. Recently, however, my attempt to enable visitors to set up a RSS feed to it proved unsatisfactory so, as an alternative, I have started a pbrainey news blog. The idea is that you can visit here for all the latest news and, if you like your site updates fed out to you, then you can arrange that by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Most posts to pbrainey and the There's No Time Like The Present News Columns will also be made here and visa versa at around the same time.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Borderline Returns

Before There's No Time Like The Present, before Book of Lists even, I drew a strip called Comics 2040 for Borderline. Borderline was a magazine about comics published in the .pdf format at the start of the century and available for readers to download for free (in general).

My contribution, Comics 2040, was meant as a satire of the comics scene at the time, but because I usually left it close to deadline before producing the strip, often it wasn't very good and, to this day, there remain episodes that I am mortified by. However, the reason I mention it here is because three elderly characters I created for it go on to become early versions of those that appear currently in There's No Time Like The Present.

If you're interested, or a TNTLTP completist then you might like to know that old issues of Borderline are being rolled out for download here for free. As I say, much of my work isn't up to standard but the magazine itself remains a remarkable achievement featuring some great work by Phil Hall, Martin Shipp, Jay Eales, Andrew Cheverton and others.

(Above is a rare sample from one of the Comics 2040 strips I did that I'm not too embarrassed about, coloured especially for here.)